At present, Colin Glen Christian Fellowship is led by John Duffy.  Having been brought up in Derry, John left there to study sound engineering at the University of Surrey.  After working in recording and broadcast studios in Dublin for a few years, he moved to London to be nearer to his fiancée, Elaine.  While there, he worked in broadcast engineering and installing vehicle security systems, mainly self-employed.  

In 1998 he studied a two year course at Belfast Bible College (non-denominational).  After a year working as a telecoms technician, and another year at further education, and several years as an electrical engineer, he now works full-time for Colin Glen Christian Fellowship.

Having met at university, John and Elaine have been married since 1989 and have three children - Aislinn, Anya and Thomas.  

He entrusted his life to the Lord Jesus in France in 1988.  Before attending Belfast Bible College, on his return to N. Ireland, he was a housegroup leader at their previous independent evangelical church in London, preached regularly in various local churches, and worked part-time as a volunteer at Waterloo centre for the homeless with the London City Mission .

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