We are an independent, Bible-based, Christian fellowship, doing our best to worship God locally within our culture and community in West Belfast. We are passionate about loving and serving God and people. We believe that the fullness of life is found in Jesus Christ (John 10:10), and we want to both worship Christ and share this good news and new life with others too.

If you are just interested in visiting, or wondering if you might find us as a suitable fellowship with which to worship and serve God locally, you are more than welcome to come along to any of our events or get in touch even just to chat. 

Find out more ‘About Us’ or join us for Sunday worship or Wednesday evening fellowship group. See our Calendar for more details of events.

We promise you a warm welcome.

This coming Sunday, we continue our series looking at Matthew's Gospel. The preacher will be John Duffy.

The Wednesday evening fellowship group will continue in the 'Gospel Centred Life' series, applying the transforming truths of the Gospel to everyday life. Everyone is welcome.

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The website has been recently updated. The old main site and blog are now combined into a single site. The Irish language section, containing only the content which is translated into Irish, is still being worked on, but should be available soon. (An up to date Irish language interface has only recently been made available, holding up the whole site update for quite some time.) The podcast and weekly email updates should be functional very soon too. 


Latest sermon

The question is not who is ‘Jesus’, but who are ‘you and I’

by John Duffy
Sun, Nov 27, 2016
Come worship with us on Sunday mornings, 11am at 124 Stewartstown Road. Everyone is welcome